Mobilo Plus



Mobilo Plus


Mobilo Plus is intended for patient transfer in horizontal or sitting positions at health care facilities. Adapted to taking X-ray images and cardiac massage. Mobilo Plus stretcher’s structure is made of steel profiles coated with powder varnish resistant to mechanical damage. Two- or three-section sleep surface is filled with a plastic board transparent for X rays. Under the sleep surface there are guides for the X-ray plateholder, which enable its movement across the sleep surface’s length.

Backrest and thigh (three-section version) section, Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg are steplessly adjustable with gas springs with a blocking mechanism.

Hydraulic height adjustment with a foot lever. Four casters centrally blocked, one caster with a directional block. As a standard, Mobilo Plus is fitted with side rails, IV hanger, patient clothing bin and 4 bumper disks in the bed’s corners, oxygen cylinder grip (option), mattress from a broad range of colours, provided with handles for patient transfer.

The advantages


The key points at a glance

  • Overall dimensions 2050 x 730 mm
  • Bed height adjustment range 600 x 900 mm
  • Thigh rest angle 0-30°
  • Trendelenburg angle 0-20°
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg angle 0-12°
  • Backrest angle 0-60°