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Mattresses – so that bed is the best place to be

Model P1 – visco-elastic anti-decubitus mattress

Suitable for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores Especially comfortable mattress properties thanks to a 7 cm-thick viscoelastic foam layer that adjusts perfectly to the contours of the body and offers pressure relieving properties and a good micro-climate.


Model P2 – visco-elastic comfort mattress

Two-layer sandwich mattress with comfortable mattress properties thanks to 5 cm of viscoelastic foam. The mattress reduces the risk of local blood circulation problems in the skin.


Modell C1 – sandwich pillow with excellent reclining properties

Comfort mattress with 3 cm of viscoelastic foam and 9 cm of cold foam for comfortable support and a good micro-climate. Multi-zone holes in the foam wick away moisture and provide better ventilation of the mattress core. The mattress creates a healthy, dry climate for sleeping.


Modell C2 – climate mattress with „Rhombo-therm®“- cover

Comfort mattress that boasts 10 cm of cold foam and 4 cm of “Rhombo-therm®”. The patented punch technique ensures a unique point elasticity with high resilience, generous air circulation throughout and excellent durability. An absolutely feel-good mattress with unique comfort.


Model U1 – single part cold foam mattress

Open-pore 100 % polyether cold foam with excellent ventilation properties and very good moisture management. 12 cm thick for comfortable reclining. The protective cover consists of a 100 % vapour diffusion permeable polyurethane coating.


Model U2 – polyether foam mattress

100 % polyether foam, 12 cm thick, with good mattress comfort properties. Cover made of hygienic and elastic mixed cotton/Trevira fabric, with zip on the short and long sides.


Model S1 – cold foam heavyweight mattress

The patented punch technique of the Rhombo-therm layer ensures high point elasticity while the middle element of very firm and hard-wearing cold foam supports a patient weight of up to 240 kg. The somewhat more flexible base provides further mattress elasticity.


Model S2 – visco-elastic comfort mattress

For special demands we offer this tried-and-tested two-layer sandwich mattress with high quality RG85 viscoelastic foam. The high density provides premium quality comfort, optimum prophylactic conditions and suitability for pressure sore therapy.


*Optionally available