Novera 3A


Novera 3A – the multi-purpose bed



  • four-section sleep surface
  • sleep surface sections filled with fixed metal mesh
  • backrest transparent for X rays (option)

adjustment options:

  • sleep surface height, backrest and thigh angle controlled electrically with a wired remote control
  • shank section controlled with a ratchet mechanism
  • Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg position angles controlled with blockable gas springs (option)
  • wired remote control which enables blocking of individual bed functions by personnel
  • sleep surface level (option)
  • flexible bumper disks and safety strips
  • biaxial bumper disks (option)
  • removable boards with UNILAM filling, available in a broad range of colours
  • removable boards made of high-quality ABS (option)
  • slide-out shelf for bed sheets (option)
  • sleeves for IV hanger or extension arm mounting
  • holders to mount additional accessories
  • casters in plastic casing
  • central caster blocking, one caster with a directional block
  • backrest section CPR (option)
  • backrest section autoregression
  • autocontour plastic undercarriage cover (option)

The advantages


The key points at a glance

  • Sleep surface dimensions 2000 x 900 mm
  • Overall dimensions 2100 x 950 mm
  • Bed height adjustment range 400-800 mm
  • Trendelenburg angle 0-15°
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg angle 0-12°
  • Backrest angle 0-75°
  • Thigh rest angle 0-40°