Sleeper Chairs



sleeper-harmonyHarmony Series:

  • Single and dual models available
  • Available with wood or black arm caps
  • Wall-saver feature: Sleep surface extends outward while unit remains stationary
  • Casters allow for easy movement
  • Seats on dual sleeper operate independently




sleeper-callieCallie Series:

  • Single and Double models available
  • Available with or without wood arm caps
  • Independent operating sleepers allow for versatile seating/sleeping positions
  • Casters allow for easy movement
  • Steel and wood construction






sleeper-dennyDenny Series:

  • Sleeper sofa with no moving parts allows for a sofa to convert to a sleeper by pulling down the back cushion
  • Available with integrated drawer storage
  • Available with arm caps
  • Available with casters and side storage
  • Custom dimensions available